nut [nut]
[ME nutte < OE hnutu, akin to Ger nuss < IE * kneu-, lump, nut (< base * ken-, to squeeze together) > L nux, MIr cnū]
1. the dry, one-seeded fruit of any of various trees or shrubs, consisting of a kernel, often edible, in a hard and woody or tough and leathery shell, more or less separable from the seed itself, as the walnut, pecan, chestnut, acorn, etc.
2. the kernel, or meat, of such a fruit
3. loosely any hard-shell fruit that will keep more or less indefinitely, as a peanut, almond, etc.
4. a small block, usually of metal, with a threaded hole through the center, for screwing onto a bolt, screw, etc.
a) a ridge of ebony or other hard material at the top of the fingerboard of a stringed instrument, over which the strings pass
b) the small knob at the end of a violin bow, for tightening or loosening the hairs
6. Informal the initial cost of an undertaking, or the amount of money it is necessary to take in before a profit is realized on it
7. Slang
a) the head
b) [pl.] the testicles: a vulgar usage
8. Slang
a) a foolish, crazy, or eccentric person
b) a devotee; fan
9. Printing EN (sense 2): See also NUTS
nutted, nutting
to hunt for or gather nuts
hard nut to crack or tough nut to crack
a person, problem, or thing difficult to understand or deal with
off one's nut
Slang foolish, silly, or crazy

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